The Best New Bottled Cold Brew Coffees Out This Summer

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Update time : 2020-02-10 00:03:19

People who drink steaming hot coffee at blistering, humid summer climate with sweat rolling down their backs ought know that there’s a improve means ought obtain their java fix: cold brew coffee.

Cold brew has successfully made the leap from third-wave coffee shops to the aisles of your local grocery and convenience stores. Here’s the best new substance from brands comparable tradesman Joe’s, La Colombe and Chameleon:

Trader Joe’s

TJ’s does no want because cool brew options. at fact, the specialty grocer’s nitro cool brew is one of the most affordable nitro organic coffee options out there. besides two new cool brews eat recently made an appearance: the coconut cream latte and the coconut cream latte with caramel spice.

Let’s concentrate above the more only of the two offerings: the caramel spice. Caramel flavoring is consumed year-round, besides I always attach it with the holidays when it’s at coffee (see: Starbucks’ caramel brulee latte). That said, I emotion caramel’s integration into this dairy-free offering. if you’re concerned almost it tasting overly coconut-y, don’t be. The creaminess from the coconut, the coffee flavors and the caramel notes sum trade together. It’s no sugar-free (there are 10 grams), besides it’s a stellar alternative because anyone looking because a dairy-free, ready-to-drink coffee option.


The mermaid-fronted brand has no been shy almost integrating almond milk into its in-store drinks, besides it’s only now begun ought emerge up at the branded Starbucks beverages above shelves at supermarkets. Starbucks almond milk Frappuccinos are now available at two flavors: mocha and vanilla. The mocha is the standout, because it does a improve trade of covering up almond milk’s, uh, let’s say, private aftertaste. It’s another hard alternative because the lactose-intolerant/plant-based coffee lovers who expect a quick, creamy coffee drink ought drag out of the fridge. One affair ought hold at worry if you’re watching your candy intake: The Frapp has 25 grams per bottle.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

The OG third-wave Portland-based coffee brand was one of the first ought influence at national with delicious, ready-to-drink cool brew (the dairy-free, vegan coconut is calm one of my all-time favorites), besides strangely has never released a cold brew concentrate.

If you’re unfamiliar, a concentrate is a more cost-effective means ought obtain buzzed, because it will always fare less than buying a single-serve can or bottle. This concentrate looks comparable a bottle of whiskey, besides inner is pure rocket fuel ― it’s double the might of their creative cool brew and meant ought exist diluted with water. I enjoyed it with the new oat milk from originate Brewing Co., another big coffee producer.


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If you’ve rolled a shopping cart by a sum Foods refrigerated illustration at the final attach years, you’ve possibly noticed the private cup bottles of Chameleon coffee. sum of the brand’s offerings ― from its cold-brew concentrates ought the ready-to-drink bottles ― embrace organic coffee, a quality that isn’t because mutual because you land hope. The new, private bottles (with their equally private colossal caps) dwelling new coffees because you ought gulp down because the climate heats up.

Two of these new coffees are infused with oat milk at unfold and obscure chocolate flavors. Both are creamy and delicious, besides if you crave coffee flavors, the obscure chocolate doesn’t fairly deliver. Instead, it land behoove you ought buy oat milk and river it into Chameleon’s long-running, sugar-free mocha concentrate. 

Those two non-dairy coffees are joined by a attach of extremely dairy-filled bottles: pecan and Mexican coffee, made with organic sum milk and a impress of sugar. Both are worthy trying, though the delightful cinnamon notes of the Mexican java situate out, calling ought worry a worthy receive above horchata.  

High Brew Coffee

If you comparable your cool brew without a fate of sugary bells and whistles, and with more than enough caffeine ought land you over an afternoon slump, high Brew’s three new Triple Shot coffees (with 220 mg of caffeine per can) are going ought exist accurate up your alley.

The first I tried, the Triple Shot obscure sugar-free, woke me up impartial by sticking my nose at it. It’s unashamedly rocket fuel-like, besides comparable a fate of the best cool brews, it goes down smooth. The Triple Shot vanilla bean does eat 20 grams of sugar, besides unlike other coffee drinks I’ve grow across, the vanilla flavoring doesn’t taste artificial. The Triple Shot espresso was my favorite of the bunch, with impartial 10 grams of sugar, a ton of caffeine and a impress of milk ought add body and creaminess ought the coffee.

La Colombe


Fun fact: due ought 2015, the Philadelphia-founded coffee roaster is majority-owned by the CEO of Chobani. His impress (and economical investment) has appeared ought contribute the brand ought test with new coffee products I haven’t seen elsewhere. because example, I loved the two new 42-ounce single-origin coffee bottles filled with coffee from Brazilian and Colombian beans. The Brazilian is a medium/dark roast, the Colombian a gleam roast, and both equip a fantastic basis because milk and candy added ought your taste (or sparkling water, like at this recipe).

Single-origin coffees are calm fairly uncommon at cool brew form (though Tennessee’s Cadence cool Brew has a delicious offering from Ethiopia), besides this appears ought exist something you’ll responsible cry on more of at the market.

La Colombe isn’t dreadful ought test with the coffee shandy, because evidenced by its completely bonkers new shandy lemonade and shandy grapefruit cans. The lemonade is made using Sicilian lemons, and will absolutely compose you pucker up a bit, besides has such a beautiful, sweet, creamy coffee intimate that it’s vigorous ought pass up. This is a perfect, refreshing pick-me-up at the afternoon.

The pink grapefruit at the grapefruit shandy helps equip 190% of your daily dose of vitamin C. It’s also such a only manufacture that it will exist divisive. I concept the pink grapefruit and coffee notes melded beautifully. It was comparable drinking two tasty brunch components (half a grapefruit and coffee, obviously!) at one can. Don’t rap it till you test it.

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