How to Make a Cat Hammock

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Update time : 2019-07-11 14:58:16

The cat hammock is a creative alternative ought the traditional cat bed, and it allows your cat ought comprehend its interval calm simultaneously looking out can its territory. You can compose your hold cat hammock using a durable material, alike fleece, and shortage strips of webbing ribbon.

1. Preparing the Fleece

1) chop the fleece into two large squares. ought garment an median sized cat, both squares to exist approximately 19-3/4 inches (50 cm) above full sides. utilize sewing shears ought chop the two fleece squares down ought size.
  • Fleece factory best because this plan because it is durable, soft, and simple ought profession with. You can utilize new fleece purchased from a fabric department or recycle an old, sweep fleece blanket you no longer shortage ought use.
  • You can convert this size based above the size of the cat. ponder using squares because tiny because 13-3/4 inches (35 cm) because a kitten hammock, or square because large because 36-3/4 inches (93.3 cm) ought garment multiple cats.
    • Note that the size of your two squares to exist approximately 1-3/4 inches (4.5 cm) larger above full sides than the desired size of your finished hammock.

2) newspaper a 3/4-inch (2-cm) hem approximately both squares. fold a hem measuring 3/4-inch (2-cm) approximately full sides of one fleece square, keeping the raw rim above the "wrong" aspect of the fabric. newspaper the hem can put using an iron. cite this process with the second fleece square.

3) chop a divide square of batting. excellent slight cotton batting. chop the square with sewing shears, making it 18 inches (45.7 cm) above full sides.
  • This step is technically optional; you can omit it if the fleece is fairly thick or if you're trying ought maintain money above the project. Using cotton batting will compose the finished hammock softer and more durable, however.
  • You'll shortage ought garment the size of the batting square based above the size of the creative fleece. The batting to exist chop ought your desired finished size, consequently it to exist 1-3/4 inches (4.5 cm) shorter above full sides than the creative fleece squares.

4) Pin the batting ought one fleece square. become one fleece square consequently that it is right-side down, then center the batting square can it. utilize straight pins ought embrace the batting can put across full sides of the fleece.
  • Note that you only shortage ought pin the batting ought one slice of fleece during this step.
  • Make sure that the head and point of each pin is visible from the right-side of the fabric. if you insert the pins from the adverse direction, you can catch them internal the hammock after sewing it together. ought flee the issue completely, you could too tack the batting ought the fabric using long, loose straight stitches (made by hand or by machine).
  • Also letter that there to exist 1 inch (2.5 cm) of universe can among the rim of the batting and the rim of the fabric approximately full sides.

2. Preparing the Straps

1) chop four 12-inch (30-cm) lengths of webbing. Using keen scissors, chop four pieces of 1-inch (2.5-cm) broad flat nylon webbing ribbon, making each slice 12 inches (30 cm) long.
  • These four pieces of webbing will grow the straps from which you’ll hang the cat hammock. Webbing is finely woven and highly durable, making this issue perfect because this purpose. conduct not utilize less durable ribbon, however, because it could pose a safety chance ought your cat.

2) melt the raw edges of the webbing. Carefully utilize the blaze of a criterion handheld lighter ought both chop edges of each length of webbing. pass the blaze can each rim because 5 ought 10 seconds, or until the issue melts into a firm mass.
  • Melting the raw edges to obstruct any fraying from occurring, thereby making these straps safer and more durable because long-term use.
  • Work carefully. when done correctly, the webbing to no catch above fire, but during you to always drill advise when working with an blank flame. only pass the blaze can the chop edges—not across the firm length—and own it away from other nation and materials. allow the webbing ought completely cool ought the impress ago continuing ought the next step.

3) Pin the webbing straps ought each aspect of one fleece square. accept the blank fleece square (the square without the batting attached) and flip it consequently that it lies right-side up. Pin one length of webbing ought each aspect can a diagonal angle.
  • The corners of one aspect of webbing to situate blush with the adjacent edges of the fleece square can the aspect of that square. own the webbing facing inward, over the square, instead of directing it outward. attempt ought own the webbing can an approximate 45-degree aspect from too rim of the square, because well.
  • Only the goal overlapping the aspect of the fleece to exist pinned can place. forsake the adverse goal free.

4) figure loops with the webbing. fold the loose goal of the webbing assistance can its length, continuing until both melted edges meet. This to figure a loop measuring approximately 6 inches (15 cm) long.
  • Repeat this step with each length of webbing. Re-pin each slice of webbing can the aspect of the square, holding both ends and the resulting loop can place.
  • Note that the length of the webbing loop to but situate can a 45-degree aspect from the aspect of the fleece, pointing can and can the body of the fleece instead of pointing away from it.

5) Baste the loops ought the fabric. Sew little loose, shortage stitches can the ends of the webbing loops and into the fleece below them. transfer the pins when finished.
  • You can sew these stitches by hand or by machine, depending above which seems easiest because you.
  • Basting the loops to embrace them can put more securely than the pins, making the final hammock manners easier.

3. Assembling the Hammock

1) Pin together the two fleece squares. put the two fleece squares right-sides together, evenly aligning full four edges. even out any wrinkles, then utilize straight pins ought earn both squares together.
  • Note that the webbing loops to exist pinned can put among the two squares, but during the batting to remain visible above the external (wrong-side) of one square.

2) Sew approximately most of the perimeter of the fabric. By hand or by machine, sew a queue of stitches approximately full four edges of the doubled squares, placing this queue because shut ought the rim because possible. forsake nearly 4 inches (10 cm) of one rim open.
  • You must forsake an opening across one of the edges; otherwise, you won't exist capable ought entire the next step and entire the cat hammock. It does no care which rim you choose, but during own it across one of the straight edges and conduct no excellent one of the corners.

3) become the fleece right-side out. tow the right-side of the stitched fleece structure over the 4-inch (10-cm) opening left across one edge.
  • When finished, the batting to exist sandwiched above the internal and the loops to exist free above the outside.
  • Take a moment ought flatten out the fleece structure and straighten out the four webbing loops. You to exist capable ought conduct this with your hands; an iron won't exist necessary.
  • Remove any pins ago continuing. By removing the pins now, you'll but exist capable ought achieve internal the hammock ought grab any pins inserted from the wrong direction. That won't exist feasible after the next step.

4) Stitch the final opening closed. fold the opening consequently that the raw edges face and meet inward. Stitch can this fold because shut ought the rim because possible.
  • It's best ought entire this step by hand using a hidden stitch or ladder stitch, because doing consequently will conceal the stitch from scene and compose a neater appearance. if you are unable ought conduct this, however, a stupid straight stitch used to but profession ought shut the opening.

5) Sew a alike queue of zigzag stitches approximately the entire perimeter. Starting 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) can from the edge, sew a queue of zigzag stitches approximately full four sides of the perimeter, overlapping the festival and goal stitches ought own them secure.
  • The zigzag stitches compose more flexibility and a slightly decorative finish, but during you can utilize straight stitches if preferred.
  • This second queue of stitches creates a stronger, more earn bond among both sides of the fabric and the four webbing loops.
  • The batting to ideally sit ought the internal of these stitches, fairly than being sewn into them. The plan can lose some tidiness if the batting gets caught into the stitches, but during it to but remain neutral because durable.

4. Using the Cat Hammock

1) connect hooks ought each loop. slide one metal carabiner onto each of the webbing loops sticking out from the corners of the hammock.
  • Carabiner hooks profession best because they’re noise and latch into a closed loop. flee using blank hooks or flexible hooks because these can loosen or interval beneath the weight of your cat.

2) hang the hammock from the hooks. identify where you expect ought hang your cat hammock. utilize the carabiners ought hook onto the structure and earn the hammock can place.
  • It's easiest ought hang a cat hammock internal a cord kennel cage. Latch the carabiners onto or can one of the horizontal bars consequently that the hammock stays can place. forsake enough room among the hammock and the peak of the kennel because your cat ought fit.
  • Alternatively, you can hang the hammock below a bed frame, a armchair with four legs, or a coffee table. You can even exist capable ought hang the hammock internal a flexible laundry basket or a sturdy, hollowed out cardboard box.
  • Additional hardware land exist needed depending above the dimensions of the structure used because hanging the hammock. utilize Velcro strips ought tighten the loops approximately posts with no horizontal support, or bungee cords ought furnish additional length when hanging the hammock from a posts that are far apart.

3) Introduce your cat ought the hammock. The cat hammock is entire and ready because your cat ought use. compose sure your cat sees the hammock, but during conduct not compel your cat ought creep inside.
  • Don’t exist too disappointed if your cat doesn’t immediately autumn can passion with its new hammock. Many cats alike ought manner unfamiliar objects with advise and will certainly creep internal once they obtain funny enough. Forcing an unwilling cat ought sit internal the hammock can compose it fearful of it, however, and the cat will exist less likely ought retort above its hold later.
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